Waste gas cleaning and environmental technology - product overview

For many decades now the increasing number of possible applications of the Körting Hannover AG has distinguished themselves in diverse branches of industrial exploitation with great success.

In this context, we also provide an essential contribution towards the observation of emission regulations and therefore also protection of the environment.

For waste gas cleaning and environmental technology we offer the following products:

Transfer systems for air and oxygen

Körting transfer systems for air and oxygen consist of the following products:

  • ejectors for waste water aeration
  • ejectors for introducing gaseous oxygen
  • jet pumps for pressurised dissolved air flotation
  • jet pumps for de-acidification of potable water

Transfer systems for ozone

Introducing of ozone into liquids is an excellent application of Körting jet pumps for ozone transfer.

Venturi and jet scrubbers

Körting Venturi and jet scrubbers offers various possibilities for the cleaning of waste gases.

Swirl droplet separator (DTA)

Körting swirl droplet separators guarantee a clean and maintenance-free operation.

Caustic recovery plants

Körting caustic recovery plants protect the environment and save money in the textile industry.