High-pressure Venturi scrubbersfor clean hydrogen

Cooling – scrubbing – dedusting – humidifying – mixing

A Venturi scrubber’s design

Alongside Venturi scrubbers’ conventional usages, there’s rising demand (especially by some high-pressure processes) for them to perform and make improvements to cleaning, dedusting, humidifying, and mixing tasks. Examples can be found in syngas treatment and production, coal gasification and conversion to industrial alcohol/ether.

The cross section of a Venturi scrubber

Syngas production, i.e. the industrial production of gas mixtures and H2, are just two examples of the wide range of potential applications. The composition of the primary gases varies depending on the application, but mostly consists of H2, CO, CO2, N2, and H2O which virtually always contain a certain amount of process-related soot. Water is used as the scrubbing medium. High-pressure, Körting Venturi scrubbers are used in numerous processes.

Steam methane reforming (SMR)

Die Dampfreformierung ist eins der wichtigsten Verfahren zur Herstellung von Synthesegas und Wasserstoff. Hierfür wird Erdgas (oder höhere Kohlenwasserstoffe) mit einem Katalysator umgewandelt. Die SMR Technologie beruht auf einer endothermen Reaktion, bei der die nötige Temperatur und Energie extern zugeführt werden muss. Der Prozess wird bei Temperaturen > 700 bis ca. 950 °C und bei Drücken bis 50 bar betrieben.

Multi Purpose Gasification (MPG®)

MPG (partial oxidation of hydrocarbons) involves gasifying a range of feedstock containing hydrocarbons, even types that can’t be mixed. As a result, heavy refinery residues, chemical waste or sludge can be converted into useful and reusable syngas (primarily CO and H2).

CFD simulation of a high-pressure Venturi scrubber

Over 40 years of experience

The first projects with high-pressure Venturi scrubbers were carried out back in 1978. Körting Hannover GmbH draws on decades of experience with jet ejector technology and gas scrubbers to design this sophisticated process-engineering equipment. To come up with the best customised solutions, we collaborate with our in-house development department to conduct CFD or computational fluid dynamics simulations and trials on our own test rig.

Film spray tests on the in-house test rig

To ensure long service lives and minimal maintenance, high-pressure Venturi scrubbers are often made of, or clad with special materials or special material combinations, such as stainless steel or duplex stainless steel and subjected to stringent quality assurance inspections.

Special technical features

  • Pressure: 1 - 80 bar
  • Material: wall thickness from 10 - 60 mm
  • Flanges: 600 - 900 lbs.
  • Temperatures: 200 - 400 °C
  • Nominal widths: DN 200 - 1.200
  • Gas inlet: axial (alternatively lateral at 90°)

Due to high-precision manufacturing, predominantly at the Hanover site in Germany, Körting ensures that high-pressure Venturi scrubbers are designed and made based on the requirements of the customer and processes, as well as the necessary specifications and codes. The appropriate process-engineering and mechanical design calculations are also carried out.

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