Körting Hannover launches its own YouTube channel

Videos are becoming more and more popular. And they are increasingly used to find solutions to problems or to explain complicated facts. For almost 150 years, Körting Hannover has been the technology leader in the field of vacuum and environmental technology. In order to convey this great expertise and experience and at the same time present the extensive range of applications of its own products, Körting Hannover now offers its own videos. The Körting videos are published on the Körting YouTube channel and therefore made available to a large number of interested parties.

The video overview for the start of the YouTube channel

As an internationally operating company, Körting Hannover produces most of its videos in English. In order to give as many users as possible access to the video content, subtitles are always offered in English, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese and German.

The following videos are available to start the channel. More videos on different topics will follow.

The 9 benefits of jet ejectors in process engineering

Körting ejectors have become an essential part of process engineering. They form the basis for high-performance vacuum systems, work energy-efficiently and with low maintenance requirements. Learn more about jet ejectors in this video.

Assembly of a Caustic Recovery Plant (CRP) for the textile industry

For Körting Hannover, Made in Germany means high manufacturing quality but also sustainability. This time-lapse video shows the assembly of a Caustic Recovery Plant (CRP) for an environmentally friendly production in the textile industry.

The Körting image film: Leading solutions

Leading solutions in vacuum and environmental technology: The Körting image film provides an insight into the performance of the company and its globally demanded products.

Meet the experts at the ACHEMA in Frankfurt am Main.

As an international partner of the process industry, Körting Hannover meets its customers at many trade fairs all over the world. Experience in this video a review of the ACHEMA 2018 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

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