Success is people-driven.

We’re problem solvers, pioneers, sparring partners and creatives by nature. And have over 150 years of experience. Because Körting has been developing and manufacturing cutting-edge vacuum and environmental solutions since 1871. For a diverse range of applications and niche markets. And with our international subsidiaries, we can offer pioneering solutions the world over. Whether in Hanover or Bangalore.

Whatever we dois about quality, again and again.

Times change. And so do we. But our quality remains a constant. It’s in our DNA to develop first-class solutions. Not off the peg, but tailor made to fit our customers’ requirements and challenges.

We’re here to stay.

Five global recessions, four types of government, two world wars and a pandemic have come and gone since our company started in 1871. All of which have changed the world radically. Several times. And, of course, Körting is no longer the same as it was back in 1871. But some things have stayed the same, such as our passion for engineering and quality. And for the people who share that passion with us.

Early years and development

On 1 November 1871, during the economic boom of the Gründerzeit, Ernst and Berthold Körting established GEBRÜDER KÖRTING. They laid the foundations that underpin the company today. The ups and downs over the years have led Körting to reinvent itself again and again. But without forgetting its roots.


In 1889/90, the economic boom required bigger company premises. A new factory sprang up on Badenstedter Strasse in an area known as Lindener Feldmark. But it didn’t stop at a factory. The company built Körtingsdorf, a housing estate for its workers and a school for 120 children on an area 335,000 square metres in size.

Expansion and a pioneering spirit

The atmosphere at the turn of the last century was marked by euphoria about industrial progress. And people like Ernst Körting shaped the image of the entrepreneurial engineer.


The 1909 speech, held when the Grashof Memorial Medal was awarded to Dr Ernst Körting for services to engineering, called him:

... a scientific research engineer, a far-sighted inventor and designer and target-driven industrialist who succeeded in enhancing technology with superb designs and boosting the reputation of German workmanship at home and abroad...


In the same year, Gebrüder Körting went down in the history books by delivering their 40 hp Körting aircraft engine to American aviation pioneers, the Wright brothers.

Destruction and new beginnings

The early years of the fledgling Weimar Republic saw the scourge of hyperinflation, which peaked in September 1923. A loaf of bread cost the billions and banknotes were no longer counted but weighed. Körting was forced to print its own emergency money in order to pay its workforce during all the turmoil.


Air raids on a nearby armaments factory during the second world war also flattened Körting’s factory buildings. The end of the second world war also meant reconstruction. In July 1945, limited work permits were granted. The first orders for repairs from the occupying powers and the food industry created jobs for the remaining employees.

Growth and business development abroad

More than a century after Körting was founded, the company is still driven by its founders’ innovative spirit. The company’s own research and development department consistently produces new solutions to meet customers’ and users’ challenges.


In 1989, Körting achieved a unique feat. It joined forces with planning engineers from a food company called Chio-Chips to develop and install one of the first oxygen injection systems outside the chemical sector.


In 2014, Körting quite literally achieved an all-time high. It installed the world’s biggest steam jet cooling system in China. With a height of 44 metres and a diameter of around 6 metres, the largest parts of the system were almost as big as a Saturn I rocket.


Today, Körting is still what it always was. A family-run company that has evolved to become an international technology group in more than 150 years. All due to an enthusiastic approach to innovation, a commitment to sustainable management and, last but not least, the people who continue to write new chapters in our history every day.

From one generation to the next.

Körting is both an innovative engineering group and a conservative, family-run company. In our view, the two are not mutually exclusive, but govern our success and our entrepreneurial identity. Which is why Körting today is managed by the fifth generation of the family. Because a crew charting a course beyond the next quarter, can steer a company towards lasting success.

Dr.-Ing. York Fusch

Partner, chairman of the management board
Research and development, production, sales and marketing departments

Dipl.-Kfm. Martin Fusch

Partner, director
Finance, human resources, purchasing and general admin departments

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