Our solutions?Truly multi-talented.

Whether in edible oil production, operating power stations, shipbuilding or textile finishing - our solutions are used in a wide range of applications and industries. And adapt to different challenges and conditions. From extreme heat and chemical loads to the highest pressures.

Chemical industry

Körting supplies customised solutions for vacuum generation from 0.01 mbar suction pressure and from 0.5 kg/h suction flow.

Droplet separation

Körting’s swirl droplet separators play a major role in terms of compliance with emission regulations and protecting the environment.

Edible oil processing

During edible oil processing, Körting steam jet ejectors guarantee efficiency and reliability at many steps in the process.

Evaporation technology

Körting thermocompressors in evaporators ensure outstanding energy efficiency.

Fertilizer production

Körting HP ejectors lead the world in urea-reactor recycling processes.

Gas cleaning

Körting’s gas scrubbers have played a key role in cooling and removing dust during gas scrubbing for decades.


Vacuum systems offer superior reliability in the production of fats.

Operating power plants

Körting’s turbine condensers, as well as steam and water jet vacuum ejectors for condenser deaeration are integral components of steam power plants.

Paper manufacture

Steam jet compressors guarantee a regular process and high product quality.

Petroleum refining

Our steam jet vacuum ejectors and surface condensers are used in refineries.

Polyester manufacture

Körting’s glycol steam jet vacuum systems guarantee reliability and have a minimal impact on the environment.


Körting’s vacuum cooling systems are energy-saving solutions used to generate cold water and for crystallisation processes.


Körting water jet ejectors are a permanent fixture of the shipbuilding industry and used as bilge pumps or to create fresh water.

Steel degassing

Körting’s steam jet vacuum ejectors are used in steel degassing.

Textile finishing

When recovering caustic soda, evaporators ensure the process is efficient in terms of costs and energy.

Water treatment

Jet ejectors are a core component of gas injection systems and used in waste water aeration for instance.

Combined expertise.Our partner network.

Whether in shipbuilding or the textile industry - in some areas of application we rely on strong co-operation partners to find the perfect solution for our customers' challenges.

At home worldwide

Constant interaction with our customers produces tailor-made solutions. Which is why we prioritise a strong customer focus and have experienced contacts in regions and markets across the globe.

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