Special anniversary 150 years of Körting

Success comes from people

The fact that Körting has been in business for 150 years now is not just a matter of course, but instead is primarily due to the commitment of every single one of our employees. Added to this is a corporate culture that is focused on long-term success, competitiveness, regional ties, appreciation and a sense of togetherness in the company. We want the employees we hire to retain their loyalty to and enthusiasm for our company for a lifetime. Another important component of our corporate success is our technological leadership in niche markets worldwide, which is not only a strategic priority for us but is an absolute necessity.

Anniversary event with all employees in our own production facility
Anniversary event with all employees in our own production facility

Looking ahead

In future, we wish for Körting to remain an autonomous family company that preserves its independence. After all, it is this independence that allows us to act faster, persevere longer and react more flexibly to the demands of the market. In order to guarantee this, all of our actions are consistently oriented toward our corporate objectives: customer orientation, high reliability and quality, profitability and secure workplaces.


In an increasingly complex, rapidly changing world, we as a company are proving ourselves anew every day. In the next few years, we will be paying special attention to combining increasing levels of digitalisation with our experience and to developing our company to ensure that it is sustainable.

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