Vacuum systems with surface condensers

Customised Körting multi-stage vacuum systems offer a wide variety of applications. In the field of process engineering surface condensers have proven to be ideal. The decisive advantage is to separate the cooling and the process medium. There are different options of Körting vacuum systems with surface condensers available.


The figure on the right illustrates a 3-stage system. In this example two jet ejector stages are connected in series to achieve a suction pressure of 1 mbar with a minimum of motive medium. The temperature of the available cooling water determines the achievable pressure in the first surface condenser. A further jet ejector stage compresses the suction flow components of the first surface condenser which can't be condensed to atmospheric pressure. The motive steam of the upstream jet ejector is condensed in the downstream surface condenser.

Flow chart of a multi-stage steam jet vacuum system with surface condenser
Flow chart of a multi-stage steam jet vacuum system with surface condenser

Advantages at a glance

  • separation of process and cooling medium
  • decades of experience, proven technology
  • Körting places high demands on the quality of its own manufacturing at the Hanover location



  • process and cooling water-sided pollution possible

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