Quality is an attitude.It starts in our heads.

With a deeply rooted desire for the best technical solution. At Körting, we all share this mindset. And it underpins our approach and solutions’ excellence. Starting at the design phase, it covers development, manufacturing and final inspections.

Quality begins with people, not things.

Philip B Crosby

Design and developmentQuality. Precisely defined.

Our solutions aren’t an end in themselves. They’re always responses to our customers’ challenges. Which is why we establish the parameters from the start. We always liaise closely with customers, discuss options, and establish specifications. But we don’t just rely on our skills and experience. We draw on the in-depth support of our in-house-developed simulation systems. Experience is good, but computer-based numerical flow simulations are better.

ProductionQuality. To the millimetre.

Anyone promising quality needs to deliver it. Which is why we have everything required to produce our solutions in-house. For instance, traditional machining on 5-axis CNC machines to pickling stainless steel components all the way to gas extrusion welding. To ensure our production standards are consistently high, we rely on our workforce’s longstanding experience. But we also invest consistently in training and upskilling people. Because users ultimately decide on quality – not just the process alone.

InspectionsQuality. Put to the test.

Quality transpires when products are used. Which is why no components leave our factory without thorough testing and inspection under real-world conditions. To ensure this step stays in house, we have an extensive portfolio of test rigs and inspection equipment. The data is then incorporated into the in-house database. These measurements govern the design of reliable and energy-efficient jet ejectors. And the results are combined with CFD calculations. We meticulously capture and analyse characteristic curves during testing and carry out CFD calculations. Consequenlty, Körting leads the market for jet ejectors across the world. The customer only receives components once we’ve put these through their paces.

Certificates and authorisationsQuality. In writing.

Of course, we could just tell you that we guarantee first-class quality. But we believe independent certification is better.

After-sales servicesWe strive for customer satisfaction.

Once a component leaves our factory, it’s completed. But a long product lifecycle begins. But our quality pledge doesn’t end at our factory gates. Which is why we offer a wide range of services on top. From installation to maintenance to troubleshooting.