Steam jet compressor

Using water vapour as motive medium, steam jet compressors compress gases and/or vapours with large pressure differences.



  • Compression of low-pressure steam with high-pressure steam as motive medium for feeding into medium pressure systems.

Chemical industry

  • Heating of distillation columns.

Foodstuffs- and chemical industry

  • As components of evaporating systems, e.g. for milk, fruit juices, waste water, chemicals, sea water.
  • To cool and concentrate liquids.

Paper industry

  • In steam- and condensate systems of single- and multi- cylinder machines.
  • To increase pressure in steam systems/to increase performance capacities of paper machines.
    In connection with steam boxes to utilise low-pressure steam


  • Re-utilisation of vapours coming from the boiling process.


  • Steam recovery in "TMP" systems.

Petrochemical industry

  • Removal of column head vapours.


  • As a controllable unit fitted with a nozzle needle.
Flow chart of a gas jet compressor (thermocompressor)
Flow chart of a gas jet compressor (thermocompressor)

Technical enquiry questionnaire

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