Swirl droplet separator (DTA)

Droplet separators play a key role in complying with emission regulations. As components in gas scrubbers (which are used to clean waste gas flows) they therefore help protect the environment.


Waste gas entering swirl droplet separators is cleaned by separating out the droplets. At this phase-separation stage the gas flow is rotated and propelled towards the edge of the separator via a swirl generator. Three-dimensional vanes prevent inlet losses and turbulent flow occurring. Stable and consistent rotational flow forms in the adjacent helically coiled tube. Due to the centrifugal force, the droplets are thrust to the wall of the tube and collected there.


The separation chambers in Körting swirl droplet separators are designed as helically coiled tubes. This special design prevents the liquid film that forms on the tube wall from being conveyed to the gas outlet. The drag force of the gas has no impact on the separated droplets’ flow. The liquid doesn’t flow in the direction the gas rotates in, but downwards. This effect is achieved by the special profiles and layout of the helically coiled tubes that lead downwards towards the direction the gas rotates in. The liquid is collected and removed near the swirl generator.


The design also makes cleaning the inside of the helically coiled tube during operation easier. In complex applications special additional rinsing systems effectively help to prevent deposits on the separator and on the swirl generator’s vanes. This type is frequently required for challenging products where adhesion is a problem. Rinsing systems can be used while the machinery is in operation without generating new droplets in the cleaned gas.


The swirl droplet separators are big enough so that large quantities of liquid, such as film forming on the walls and splashes, can be drained off too.


Körting swirl droplet separators are ideal for use as follows:

  • in gas scrubbers and vacuum plants
  • to remove condensate in chimneys
  • in evaporation plants to ensure the vapour condensate is excellent quality
  • to remove complex products (e.g. that tend to polymerise)

Swirl droplet separators are also used in Caustic Recovery Plants (CRP) for the textile industry to produce an excellent vapour condensate.

Further information

  • standard sizes in DN 200 to DN 3000 nominal widths
  • further sizes on request
  • carbon steel, stainless steel
  • coated steel (rubber, Halar etc.)
  • plastics: GFK, PP, PVC, PVDF reinforced and non-reinforced
  • special materials

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