Vacuum systems with mixing condensers

Nearly unlimited applications as well as high operational reliability. The customised Körting vacuum systems with mixing condensers are approved and demanded solutions in the process industry. On the following pages you can find more information about the various application options.


The figure illustrated on the right achieves a suction pressure of 1 mbar. The temperature of the available cooling water determines which pressure can be reached in the first mixing condenser. In this example, two ejector stages are series-connected to achieve a suction pressure of 1 mbar with the lowest possible amount of motive flow. Two further ejector stages compress the non-condensable components of the suction flow of the first mixing condenser up to atmospheric pressure. The interconnected mixing condenser as well condenses the motive steam of the upstream ejector.

Flow chart of a vacuum system with mixing condenser
Flow chart of a vacuum system with mixing condenser

Advantages at a glance

  • operation-free, robust operation
  • approved operation for decades
  • nearly unlimited application options



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